This site is just a collection of my cartoons, drawings and art sent out into the big wide world  …and a Blog for good measure.

Arguably Australia’s best proponent of the cartoon, Michael Leunig, described the true cartoonist as “a descendent of the court jester and a playful insurgent”. While I’m known for many jests and insurges, I’m nowhere near the league of Leunig or any of the other great living Aussie cartoonists: John Spooner, Pat Campbell or Andrew Marlton [First Dog On The Moon]. Nevermind the brilliance of past cartoonists like Cecil Hartt, Claude Marquet, J.C. Banks or Emile Mercier.
However, I am another Aussie who loves making cartoons, gifs and animations. I’ve always sketched and doodled and I’m sure you tend to persist with those things people tell you you’re good at when a youngster.

I’d give quids to create a cartoon one quarter as good as Leunig’s Awful Aspects Of Spring