Letter From Kev

It’s Federal Election day and just yesterday Prime Minister Rudd took time out from his busy schedule to write to ME of all people! It contained some surprising news. I had thought my choices were much wider than the government party and the other mob [who, I must say, I wouldn’t vote for even if they promised me a week in the sack with Chrissie Hynde].

Then Kev starts up about someone called Julie, who doesn’t apparently have a surname, but works hard. The amount this Julie is committed to spending on the few schools in this area would produce a tidal wave of Rhodes scholars, a tsunami of weird doctorates – can this area cope with 500 or so smarty pants wandering about taunting and confusing the locals? Without my support will this Julie still continue to deliver for Franklin or will she become despondent and even become a danger to herself or others? Why is Kev putting this burden on me?  I don’t even know the woman. Despite all the trouble Kev took to write to me and my lingering concern about Julie’s welfare, my 2 bobs worth on the democratic hubbub won’t be for his lot. I’m really worried about the Rhodes scholar we already have. So the goons he hangs out with go last and I’ll work my way up from there.

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