A middle aged man in lycra

A bicycle riding, catholic, misogynist, boat dealing, climate change denying budgie smuggler was sworn in as Australian Prime Minister today …and, we don’t even know who he barracks for!

Wot? No footy team at all!    ….Manly!??

cartoon by Peter Nicholson

In a speech at an AFL club grand final breakfast in 2011, the galoot waxed lyrical about his aussie rules credentials:

…my one and only game was a defiant assertion of our national identity: I was playing for Oxford University Australians against Cambridge University Australians. Unfortunately, no one had told me that a ball kicked out was thrown in by the umpire and not by a player, so I instinctively grabbed the ball and tried to form a line out. It was at this point that I realised a “balls-up” was not just another way of restarting play – or what happens when politicians try to address the problems of the nation.

Or what can happen when we vote ….[thinks] …someone tell Tony it’s a “ball up” in the former and, yes, a “a balls up” in the latter case!!     …just try to remember, somehow we coped with Fraser and Howard….

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