Word Of The Day #3



  1. a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a hero or heroine.
    (Well worn example: Achilles hamartia was his heel:
    As a baby, Achilles was dipped into the river Styx by his mother because the river’s water conveyed protection from harm. Achilles’ heel was the only portion of him not immersed in the water. Later in life Achilles was killed by a poisoned arrow which lodged in his heel).

    after an oil-sketch by Peter Paul Rubens. 1679 Etching. © The Trustees of the British Museum


    Temporary Like Achilles – Bob Dylan

    Achilles is in your alleyway
    He don’t want me here, he does brag
    He’s pointing to the sky
    And he’s hungry, like a man in drag
    How come you get someone like him to be your guard?
    You know I want your lovin’
    Honey, but you’re so hard

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